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Mon Jan 23 19:20:09 CST 2012


As a personal friend of Franz Schoenhofer, I advise you that your comments
are entirely off base.  His perspectives are based on a career as a
regulator for the Austrian government.  Perhaps his messages read as
pointed, however this is no doubt due in part to his communicating in a
second language (and how good is your second language?).  In my experience,
Franz is neither anti-USA nor elitist; however, he does not tolerate
nonsense, and he is devoted to good science.

I really don't understand the motivation behind your rant, but certainly
Franz has a "God-given" right to comment on anything he pleases, including
any post by anyone of any nationality.  So quit waving your big American
flag as if it gives you some sort of superiority over those of other
nationalities on the RadSafe list.

Susan Gawarecki, PhD, PG

Robert Young wrote:

Dr. Schoenhofer,

I have read your vitriol (anti-USA or pro-academic elitist ) comments long
enough, so I would like to put a stop to them as much as possible. My
answer to your 1st statement is just get over it if we don't compose our
messages like Term Papers; It is an American Thing. Since I do not believe
that you are an American, you lack any standing and DO NOT have the right
to comment on how any American Citizen may "organize his thoughts" on
Radiation Protection.

Now on to your 2nd point. You are absolutely correct that "doserate
measurements were reported, but to me they do not seem to be exorbitant
high", however as you well know (which one can deduce from your previous
RAD-SAFE comments), the average citizenry of the United States are not all
Ph.D. level scientists. You see in America, we can be what we want to be.
This may mean that some Americans are Nobel Prize winners and others are
Ditch Diggers (and this is not a cheap shot at Ditch Diggers), but we have
the right (both God given and U.S. Constitutionally protected) to be as
much, or as little as we want..  As a Health Physicist, I try daily to
educate every person I come in contact in order to attempt to give a
perspective to Dose vs Dose Rate, but nearly every time the term Nuclear,
Radioactive, or Radiation is used in the US Press, it has the mushroom
cloud as a back drop.  This is hard to over come by just one person.

BTW, I understand that Germany will completely abandoned the use of Nuclear
Power by 2022 as a direct result of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster
in 2011. You and I both know that the only way to ween ourselves off Carbon
based fuels is Nuclear. Yes Fusion is preferred to Fission, but we have
Fission right now and it can power our Universities, Homes, Government
Offices, etc. RIGHT NOW. Fusion is a noteworthy endeavor and one that
significant global resources should be used to perfect, however, it is not
a commercially viable option at this time. The Global Energy needs are for
now and the future, not just the future only. This knee jerk reaction by
the German Government / Chancellor Merkel just shows (to me anyway), that
 Government Leaders and others need a better education in all aspects of
nuclear power on both side of the Atlantic.


Robert Young

These comment are mine and mine alone an do not represent my employer.

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