[ RadSafe ] Radioactivity and Fracking

S L Gawarecki slgawarecki at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 19:38:03 CST 2012

The website fracfocus.org has a lot of useful information also.  It seems
to be industry-oriented, with the purpose of disclosure of the chemicals
used during the injection process.

As you've no doubt noticed, "fracking" has become a target of
environmentalists in much the same way that nuclear has.  One should not
marginalize the concerns regarding the potential contamination of
aquifers.  As a hydrogeologist, I can see the need for some pre-fracking
testing of all municipal and some household water wells in the area in
order to provide a baseline should there be a dispute at a later time.
Certainly this would encourage companies to use best practices and ensure
that they are communicating with local stakeholders.

Susan Gawarecki, PhD, PG

Would one of you folks suggest or provide a link to one good educational
article about the purpose, methods, and applications of fracturing? I daily
send articles, my prejudices, and so on about science, geopolitics, humor,
climate, and items as well from radsafe and from riskanal to about 80
family and friends. I'd like to spread some good honest educational words
about fracturing that will also alleviate my own endless curiosity. Thanks
for your help.
Maury&Dog      maurysis at peoplepc.com

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