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Tue Jan 31 13:19:32 CST 2012

Dear Radsafe,
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        Hey all,
        There was a price to be paid for  the BNL tritium problem.  AUI 
(Associated Universities Inc.,
         Harvard, Yale, Princeton,  Penn, Cornell, Columbia, Rochester, 
Johns Hopkins etc)
         eventually lost the  contract to run/manage Brookhaven Lab.
        Brookhaven Science Associates  (SUNY/Stony Brook, Contractor 
Organization etc.) won this 
        RHIC --- the Relativistic Heavy  Ion Collider, NSLS I, etc. 
continue to do fairly serious physics
                     here in the USA.
       In the High Energy physics realm, the  CERN Large Hadron Collider is 
the place to be for
       Regards,   Joseph R. (Joe)  Preisig, PhD

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