[ RadSafe ] Polonium-210 poisoning again?

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I wonder if that is something to build a conspiracy on. In the video there is an example saying that they are in the mBq region in their analyses, which means that there would have been GBq amounts 8 years ago at the time of Arafats death (which would have been bad, mmmkay?). That's assuming that the Po-210 is not produced from natural decay. It seems that they rule this out by saying that the Po-210 is "unsupported". What would that mean exactly, and how would that be shown? After 20 or so half-lives, it seems to me that it would be difficult to show anything at all about the chemistry.

Also, what would the natural amount of Po-210 be, compared to their results... It's impossible to do a proper comparison of course, since it's not said how they have prepared their samples. Anyway, a quick google search gives you [http://irpa11.irpa.net/pdfs/6a52.pdf] with some naturally occuring Po-210 levels. Those do not make the French poisoning theory seem very plausible to me. Difficult to say without a proper report, though.

Mattias Olsson

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It is reported by Al Jazeera that elevated levels of Po-210 were found by the Institut de Radiophysique in Lausanne, Switzerland, in some of Arafat's final personal belongings:


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