[ RadSafe ] Five men and a bomb

S L Gawarecki slgawarecki at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 21:13:17 CDT 2012

There is some amazing footage in this article:

It was particularly interesting to me, as I recently finished reading "The
Plutonium Files" by Eileen Welsome, an undertaking that took me a couple of
months.  One can't help but cringe at the abuses perpetrated under the
guise of science and national security.  Not only does she document the
experimentation on unknowing medical patients, she also chronicles the
unprotected exposure of soldiers and sailors to radiation and fallout from
atomic explosions (as in the video).

The good news is that we now have protocols that must be followed for
protection of human research subjects, and of course strict radiation
protection standards.

Susan Gawarecki

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