[ RadSafe ] Fukushima Nuclear Accident "manmade disaster"

Ahmad Al-Ani ahmadalanimail at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 18 01:16:02 CDT 2012

Chairman of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission, The National Diet of Japan, wrote in his message in the report:

"THE EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI of March 11, 2011 were natural disasters of a magnitude
that shocked the entire world. 

Although triggered by these cataclysmic events, the subsequent
accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant cannot be regarded as a natural

It was a profoundly manmade disaster – that could and should have been foreseen
and prevented. And its effects could have been mitigated by a more effective human response.
How could such an accident occur in Japan, a nation that takes such great pride in its global
reputation for excellence in engineering and technology? This Commission believes the
Japanese people – and the global community – deserve a full, honest and transparent answer
to this question."

He also added "The consequences of negligence at Fukushima stand out as catastrophic, but the mindset
that supported it can be found across Japan. In recognizing that fact, each of us should reflect
on our responsibility as individuals in a democratic society."

Reports can be downloaded from http://naiic.go.jp/en/


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