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Dear Dr. Dickman/Steve,
     Hi Again.  Keep working on that book.   Guess you know most of what 
follows --- you taught me. 
     More on wobbles.  Annual Wobble, Chandler  Wobble (Peak1), Chandler 
Wobble (Peak2),
     Markowitz wobble???, offset, trend etc.
     Earth Orientation Phenomena: Precession,  Nutation, Rotation(Earth 
Spin), Diurnal Wobble???,
                                                   Annual Wobble, Chandler 
Wobble 1, Chandler  Wobble 2 etc.
     Still thinking about wobble beats.   Chandler wobble amplitude has 
maxima at roughly:
                                                        1910, 1954, 1998, 
     In reality though, what goes on at the time of  the Chandler Wobble 
peaks is that there is a
     rather wide variation in Earth dip towards the  Sun (about some mean 
position) and away from the
     Sun, thus producing times of relative warmth and  relative cold.  
Maybe this is what we are seeing
     lately from 1998 and a bit onward.  Thus  there are warmer Summers and 
Colder winters???
     Of course, the Earth does travel around the Sun  and we experience the 
various Earth Seasons,
     as usual.  Temperature variability causes  wide variation in the 
moisture content in the 
     atmosphere.  Ice Caps Melt, Sea Level Rises  Etc.  
          At times of  Chandler Wobble amplitude minima (1932, 1976, 2020) 
there is not a great  deal
    of wide variation in the actual dip angle towards the  Sun.  Things 
behave in a rather steady
    average manner.  There is not-so-much free water  vapor in the 
atmosphere, thus causing
    droughts????  The large snowfalls like in 1888  (New York City), I'm 
still hard pressed to 
          So there you have  it.  Classical Physics explanations of the 
various Earth wobbles  explain
    some of the Climate we see.  Anyone ever having  programmed such 
phenomena in NASA 
    Goddard Space Flight Center's VLBI (Very Long Baseline  Interferometry) 
Computer Programs 
    CALC and SOLVE could witness that all this is anything  but simple.
          Take  Care...     Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig

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