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Fernex is close associate of Busby.  Together, they functioned as the
peer review for Rita Hindin's often cited by James Salsman article
that was heavily dependent on Traprock Peace Center.  Does Fernex have
any credibility in the eyes of the members of this list?

Roger Helbig

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Genetic damage from ionising radiation

by Christina MacPherson

Researchers have been surprised to find that genetic damage, and above
all perigenetic damage, which is responsible for genomic instability,
to descendants is far worse than to parents; and this risk increases
from one generation to the next.

In equal doses, external radiation is ten to a hundred times less
damaging than chronic internal radiation, which essentially results
from the oral absorption of radionuclides. These concentrate in organs
like the thymus, the endocrine glands, the spleen, the bone surfaces
and the heart.

Genetic mutations from radiation exposure are up to 100 times higher
than anything we have encountered in the animal kingdom -Dr. Fernex,
Former WHO Consultant
 July 31st, 2012   By ENENews  : Fukushima: precious time has been
Author: Michel Fernex Date: June 7, 2012 Dr. Michel Fernex Emeritus
Professor, Basel Faculty of Medecine Former Consultant, World Health
“What should WHO have done after Chernobyl ?” asked Dr Nabarro in 2002
when he was Acting Director-General of the World Health Organization.
I replied immediately, and then confirmed it in writing: “Convene a
Scientific Working Group on Ionising Radiation and Genetics” like the
one in 1956, and add the words “and Genomic Instability”.....
Since 1959, an agreement signed between WHO and the International
Atomic Energy Agency, and then a number of additional legal texts,
prohibit WHO from intervening in nuclear accidents.....
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