[ RadSafe ] The Plutonium Files by Eileen Welsome

Roger Helbig rwhelbig at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 04:23:11 CDT 2012

I went to the SF Public Library to get "New Dawn, the Battles for Fallujah"
since I have corresponded with the author Richard Lowry (and Busby has
released a new video about Fallujah, the lost generation that pushes his
false claims yet again) and decided that I would get "Metal of Dishonor"
and picked up the book next to it on a whim "The Plutonium Files" by
Alberquerque Tribune Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Eileen Welsome.  I
have found this book a really good and fascinating read and I was wondering
if any other members of the list have read it.

Earlier in the day, I spent the afternoon in the UC Berkelely Library
looking for one of the four documents that were forged together to make the
notorious 1943 Memo to General Groves that Busby's associates Leuren Moret
and Doug Rokke frequently refer to.  I have found my way around the
microfilm roll and now know how to relocate a document, which I did not
know before today and how to isolate the document that I am looking for to
prove in context that it has to do with concerns about German use of
fission products and comes from a May 1944 memo to the Deputy Commander of
European Theater Operations not from an October 1943 memo as claimed even
in the Wikipedia.

Roger Helbig

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