[ RadSafe ] NIH Seminar by Randy Jirtle

Scott, Bobby BScott at lrri.org
Fri Jun 1 13:58:49 CDT 2012


Hi All,


The link below is to an 18 April 2012 NIH seminar by Randy Jirtle of
Duke University titled "Epigenetics: How genes and environment
interact."  Near the end of the approximately 1-hour seminar, Randy
presents some very interesting radiation hormesis (adaptive response)
data produced by a PhD program student and he provides strong evidence
for the hormetic response studied in agouti mice being regulated via
epigenetic mechanisms (epigenetic adaptation).  




I thought the seminar may be of interest, since epigenetic adaptation
after low doses of ionizing radiation has important implications for
assessing the consequence (benefit or harm) to humans from low-level
radiation exposure.


Best wishes,


B. R. Scott

Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute

2425 Ridgecrest Drive SE

Albuquerque, NM 87108 USA


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