[ RadSafe ] Gil Gross on SF Newstalk 910 With Richard Martin Super Fuel: Thorium-Green Energy

Roger Helbig rwhelbig at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 19:01:42 CDT 2012



The guest on this program from 4-5PM on Monday, June 4 is Richard
Martin author of
Super Fuel: Thorium-Green Energy Source For The Future

How much of what Martin says about why we do not use Thorium for
reactor fuel is fact and how much is his hype to sell his book?

Martin will also be at the prestigious World Affairs Council in San
Francisco later this week; he is making a full court push for the book
and for increased research/licensing of thorium fueled reactors.  He
claims that uranium fueled reactors were developed because you can not
use thorium for a bomb.


Roger Helbig

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