[ RadSafe ] DOE - Court Ruling on Nuclear Waste Fund Collection Justification

Stewart Farber SAFarber at optonline.net
Tue Jun 5 13:46:29 CDT 2012

Thanks for posting the specific citation to the 6/1/12 decision by the US
Court of Appeals on the waste disposal fund and the failure of DOE.  It is
appropriate that the court include a footnote and make reference to the
writings of George Orwell, author of "1984". The Court writes about what
Orwell condemned as the "misuse of language" which applies to the US
Government/DOE in defending its actions on collecting $30 billion to date to
meet its obligations on high level waste disposal, and not doing so, while
demanding another $750 million dollars per year from electricity users for
nuclear waste disposal.

As written, in the decision by the Court:

Brief-writing, no less than "written English, is full of
bad habits which spread by imitation and which can be avoided if one
is willing to take the necessary trouble." George Orwell, "Politics and
the English Language," 13 Horizon 76 (1946).

I suggest that the situation regarding the debacle about nuclear energy and
the fiasco engaged in by DOE and the political process refusing to allow
nuclear waste disposal to go forward [ despite collecting $30 billion to
date ], there should be a reference to Frantz Kafka  [from which we get the
term: Kafkaesque ]. In particularly people should read one of Kafka's
insightful parables titled "Before the Law" which was based on his book:
"The Trial".

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