[ RadSafe ] Trinity: the birth of nuclear weapons in graphic novel form

Cary Renquist cary.renquist at ezag.com
Wed Jun 6 15:36:36 CDT 2012

I notice, in the excerpt, that he included Lise Meitner in the discovery
of fission (something that actual nuke physics texts sometimes miss...)

Might be of interest...

Jonathan Fetter-Vorm's Trinity is a nonfiction book-length comic for
adults about the birth of nuclear weapons. It covers the wartime events
that spawned the idea of a nuclear weapons program, the intense period
of wrangling that gave rise to the Manhattan Project, the strange
scientific town in the New Mexico desert that created the A-bomb, the
tactical and political decision-making process that led to the bombing
of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the unspeakable horror experienced by the
people in those cities and the existential crises the Nuclear Age
triggered for scientists, politicians, and the world at large. Though
this is primarily a history book, Trinity is also a pretty good nuclear
physics primer, making good use of the graphic novel form to literally
illustrate the violence of atoms tearing themselves apart, and the
weird, ingenious, improvised mechanisms for triggering and controlling
that violence.

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