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Radiation Shielding for Diagnostic Radiology
Written by DG Sutton, CJ Martin, JR Williams and DJ Peet 

The first report of the BIR working party on Radiation Shielding for
Diagnostic Radiology was published in 2000 and has become the standard for
shielding design in the UK. The second edition, like the first, is designed
to be a compendium of information for radiation protection physicists
involved in specification of shielding requirements for X-ray facilities.
Central to the report are descriptions of possible methodologies for
shielding different types of diagnostic X-ray rooms. 

Fully revised and updated, this new edition builds on the work of the
previous report. The initial chapters have been reworked, the chapter on
building materials has been updated and the worked examples have been
expanded considerably to the extent that individual chapters have been added
to cover Radiographic, Fluoroscopic and CT facilities. Major changes have
been made in the approach to the design of shielding for CT. A method for
the quantification of tertiary scatter from ceilings and around open
doorways has been included, as has consideration of the shielding
requirements for radiation scattered from the highly filtered primary beams
used in interventional radiology. The data on intra oral dental radiology
has been revised and dental cone beam equipment is now considered. In this
updated report, a chapter concerned with shielding for PET/ CT facilities
has also been included with consideration being given not only to structural
shielding but also to the impact of layout on doses to the individuals
working within the facility.

The book is priced at just £30 (plus £3.50 for UK postage and £6.50 for
overseas postage) and can be ordered online at 

http://www.birjournals.org/site/books/shielding.xhtml or by e-mail -
publications at bir.org.uk

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