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patricia lewis radon.gal at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 18:36:25 CST 2012

Indeed, here is a better link:

Their statement is 'significantly' different: describing the other mines as
having insignifcant amounts of other factors - such as radon - and that is
why the non-metal mines were chosen.

Here is what "HealthCanal.com" says "About Themselves":

*Health News from HealthCanal.com *is dedicated to providing students,
post-docs, researchers, healthcare professionals, government agencies, and
educators with timely, close-to-the-scene information and news about *Health
and Medical Breakthroughs*.

However, I'd bet that those non-metal mines have more radon than your
Thanks for the good point Steven D.  I've also heard that if the factor of
radon was removed from the smoking statistics there would be 'insignifcant'
changes in the numbers of lung cancer deaths..... that's what I've heard!!

pat lewis
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