[ RadSafe ] ICRS-12/RPSD-2012 Radiation Protection and Shielding conference, Nara Japan 2-7 September 2012

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Fri Mar 9 02:39:15 CST 2012

Hello Radsafers,

Some of you might not be aware of the following joint

ICRS-12 - 12th International Conference on Radiation Shielding &
RPSD-2012 - 17th Topical Meeting of the Radiation Protection and Shielding
September 2 – 7, 2012 at Nara Prefecture New Public Hall, Nara, Japan 
Deadline for submittal of abstracts: March 31, 2012

Special session
"Accident of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and Its Influence"
Outline of the power plant accident
Radiation and radioactivity monitoring in the surrounding environment
Environmental assessment and recovery
Dose evaluation to workers and the public
Decommissioning and waste disposal
Future nuclear and radiation safety improvement
Fission Reactor Facilities
Fusion Reactor Facilities
Fuel Cycle Facilities
Transportation and Storage Issues
Waste Management Facilities
Accelerator Facilities
Medical Facilities
Aircraft Dosimetry and Space Technology
Medical Applications
Shielding Experiments and Benchmarks
Source Term Measurement and Evaluation
Activation Measurement and Analysis
Standardization of Radiation Field and Measurement
Monte Carlo Methods and Applications
Deterministic Methods and Applications
Empirical Methods and Applications
Visualization and User Interface
Nuclear Data
Advanced Phantoms
Shielding Materials
Radiation Detection and Measurement
Radiation Protection
Radiation Dosimetry
Environmental assessment
International Collaboration

Please note the special session on the Fukushima accident. After one 
year, examples of the recovery from the tsunami catastrophe is shown in 
the pictures of the following URL. To see the situation one year ago and 
now, just click on the photograph:
Japan tsunami pictures: before and after 
March 7, 2012

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