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Cary Renquist cary.renquist at ezag.com
Tue Mar 27 12:28:18 CDT 2012

Good geek project -- they should build this into the remediation

Collecting Radon data in the name of science and safety - Hack a Day 

When [Chris Nafis] built an addition onto his historical home he found
that a Radon problem, previously mitigated with plenty of concrete,
seemed to rear its ugly head yet again. He eventually resigned himself
to installing a Radon fan and detector - the latter of which offered no
way to store measurement data. He wanted to get a better feel for the
short and long-term Radon measurements in his house, in hopes of finding
some correlation between temperature, moisture levels, and the total
amount of Radon emitted from the ground.

To do this, he disassembled a pair of Radon detectors located in
different parts of his house, each of which he wired up to an Arduino.
Using his oscilloscope to determine which PCB leads controlled the
different LED segments on the displays, he quickly had the Arduinos
scraping measurement data from the sensors. [Chris] figured the best way
to keep track of his data was to do it online, so he interfaced the
microcontrollers with Pachube, where he can easily analyze his
historical readings.

An additional goal he set for himself is to trigger the Radon fan only
when levels start rising in order to save a little on his electric bill.
With his data logging operation in full swing, we think it should be a
easy task to accomplish.

Cary Renquist
crenquist at isotopeproducts.com or cary.renquist at ezag.com

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