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Wed May 9 17:01:51 CDT 2012

Dear Radsafers,

I have  been working quite a lot with ISO, but even much more with the Austrian Standardisation Institute (for more than 20 years. Recently we have decided to rework the standards on dosimetry. We had recently a meeting and we had very fierce discussions about the question of "backgrounds" which should or should not be substracted. This was  both for external radiation and radon exposue. 

May I ask you to comment on this topic? What is the legislation and the practice in your country, explicitely inviting all non-US -scientists to comment. It might be that different states in the USA have different legislation, so this information would be very welcome as well. Please observe the fundamental difference on external radiation and radon!!! The European Union Legislation does according to our conclusion not provide any solution for this problem. Since doses are recorded all over the world, there simply must be legislation, regulation and practice!!! 

Please provide me with information, but refrain from "information" like "I think", "I believe", " I suggest", "I propose", "I ´recommend" . I need hard facts. Please be aware that I intend to forward your messages to our working group - if you do not want to have your name in that, please tell me.  

I hope for a comprehensive number of informations. Thanks to anybody in advance.

Best wishes,


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