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Dear Radsafe:
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     An article in the Trenton Times (USA May 15,  2012)  describes results 
from an article by 
Carpizo et al. in the journal Cancer Cell.  Thiosemicarbazones (a  
compound) are used to correct a
mutation in the p53 protein.  The protein is then enabled to do its  
original job and stop the spread of
various and assorted cancers.  They did work implanting human  tumor cells 
in mice, and then
treating the tumor cells with the relevant compound.  More studies to  be 
done, of course.
     Look at the article for a more exact and complete  description of the 
     WIPP for storing High Level Waste is a neat  idea.  Guess there would 
have to be many EPA/Public
     Meetings (again???) for this to occur.
     This months Health Physics Society Newsletter  describes some kind of 
  summer training opportunity in Nuclear Science at Brookhaven  National 
Lab and a west coast USA
  location.  See the newsletter.
   An MCNP5/MCNPX course is being given soon also.  See the  HP Society 
    For those not having the means to join the VIP  Brookhaven Lab tour 
described a few days ago
    in a radsafe posting, Brookhaven Lab usually conducts  summer tours of 
the Laboratory on
    specified days.  See their  website.  
         Have a good  weekend!!!!
          Regards,     Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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