[ RadSafe ] Jaczko to step down

Stewart Farber SAFarber at optonline.net
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Hopefully, Congress will approve the NRC Commissioner nominee for Jaczko as
soon as possible. Bear in mind, Jaczko will remain in his position until a
new Commisioner steps in.   If you want to see the NRC change its position
that Jaczko pushed to terminate work on the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste
disposal site, and other clear NRC anti-nuclear power initiatives he pushed,
contact your Congressional reps and tell them of your strong interest to see
a new NRC Commissioner as soon as possible.

The dogmatic opposition to Yucca by Jaczko, Sen. Reid [for who Jaczko served
as an aide], and Rep. Markey [who has fought nuclear power and nuclear
technologies of every type for 30 years] against the true best interests of
society, pressure your Congressman to approve the President's NRC
Commissioner nominee.

Stewart Farber

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Folks --
Just in case y'all haven't seen this yet -- it appears that NRC Chairman
Jaczko is stepping down.
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