[ RadSafe ] High Level Waste to WIPP

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Maybe we have developed a brand new class of problems: Too Valuable to Solve
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On 5/21/2012 6:34 PM, Jerry Cohen wrote:
> I used to think it was the NIMBY's, anti-nuks, and other assorted crazies who have prevented an accepted nukwaste solution. Now I believe it is the
> politicians, bureaucrats, and "researchers" who want to preserve their meal ticket by perpetuating the problem. Actually, HLW mgmt. is a simple problem, if all you were concerned about was the potentially harmful health and safrty  effects--- reprocess and extract useful fuel, solidify the waste in concrete, and dump it in the ocean---assuming one really wants to resolve the problem.
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> Hi Roy,
> The two counties Eddy and Lea both want the waste. They bought 1000 acres of land for repositories,

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