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Jim Hardeman below suggests we look at the NRC Commisioner nominee Dr.
MacFarlan's  bio which was published on a specific so-called "Blue Ribbon
Commission" description. This Commission was the "Blue Ribbon Commission on
America's Nuclear Future". She served on the Subcommitte[s] on Disposal as
well as Reactor and Fuel Cycle Technology.
[See: http://www.brc.gov/index.php?q=commissionmember/allison-macfarlane ] 

Why are the findings of essentially every "Blue Ribbon" Commission ignored
by Government?  Perhaps it's that per Wikipedia:

 "The blue ribbon is a term used to describe or symbolize something of high
quality. The usage came from The Blue Riband, a prize awarded about 100
years ago for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by passenger

Unfortunately, I believe the first Blue Riband [blue ribbon] award was
presented to the Titanic  :-)  which does not bode well for high level
commercial waste disposal occurring in the lifetime of a large fraction of
the members of Radsafe. 

DOE has spent about $12 billion to "characterize" and construct Yucca
Mountain to date, the only site it has proceeded to build. This money comes
out of a surcharge that we all pay on purchasing each kilowatt electricity,
forced to be collected by utilities, and then given to the US government per
a requirement our Government has imposed so it can take possession of
commercial high level waste under Federal law. The US government is holding
these funds in a Nuclear Waste Disposal Fund.  With $32 billion received
from power companies to fund the project to date, and $12 billion spent to
study and build Yucca, the federal government had $27 billion left,
including interest as of 2011.

[NB: The preceding costs are of the date Yucca was effectively terminated
under pressure from the US Government including the current NRC Commissioner
Jaczko. Given the inclinations of the new NRC Commissioner nominee and our
Government's [in]actions, the present position toward cancelling Yucca is
unlikely to change.

In March 2012, US Senator Lindsey Graham introduced a bill requiring
three-fourths of that money in the Nuclear Waste Fund to be given back to
customers, and the remainder to nuclear companies for storage improvements.[
ref. 72]

[72] From: James Rosen (March 13, 2012). "Graham wants Yucca fees repaid in
rebates to electricity customers in S.C.". The Sun News. Retrieved

What do you think is the probability of the US Government refunding the
ratepayers of this country $21 billion from the remaining money in the
Nuclear Waste Fund we've each paid into that it is holding, and about $6
billion to nuclear utilities for the extra costs of on-site storage because
of Government failures?? Zero is a nice round number isn't it?

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Maybe because of the last paragraph of her Bio:
<<In 2006 MIT Press published her book, Uncertainty Underground: Yucca
Mountain and the Nation's High-Level Nuclear Waste, which explores the
unresolved technical issues for nuclear waste disposal at Yucca Mountain,

Which probably guarantees no fresh position on YM from the new

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This makes my wonder, why on Earth can't one of the already seasoned current
Commissioners take the Chair?  It reminds me of when Pres. Bush nominated a
brand new guy (Roberts) for Chief Justice.  Is there some rule that I don't
know about?

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   Subject [ RadSafe ] President Obama nominates Dr. Allison Macfarlane to

To all:

President Obama has nominated Dr. Allison Macfarlane, Associate Professor of
Environmental Science and Policy at George Mason University, to the US
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Upon her confirmation, Dr. Macfarlane
would replace Gregory Jaczko as chair.

See the official White House announcement here:

See Dr. Macfarlane's biography on the Blue Ribbon Commission website here:

Jim Hardeman

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