[ RadSafe ] Maximum Permissble Concentrations (NCRP 22)

Brad Keck bradkeck at mac.com
Tue Nov 6 17:59:03 CST 2012


I am seeking a blast from the past.  I am trying to reproduce some calculations for MPC - as noted in NCRP 22 which in turn references ICRP-1955.  Can anyone provide a straightforward reference calculation of MPC, or maybe even provide the reference data  from ICRP-1955?  

In particular, I would like to understand the differences in assumptions involved between the MPC and our more modern ALI - I can't arrange a cocktail party for the effort, unfortunately - but maybe someone can help me out here with a bit of history?  

Best and Thanks,


Bradly D. Keck, Ph.D., CHP
bradkeck at mac.com

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