[ RadSafe ] Ten years too late, it’s good riddance to wind farms -Britain

Stewart Farber safarber at optonline.net
Sat Nov 10 11:47:52 CST 2012

Latest news out of Britain on the initiative toward large-scale electric generation from wind:
“Ten years too late, it’s good riddance to wind farms – one of the most dangerous delusions of our age” 


Britain has built 3,500 large wind turbines at a cost of on the order of $30 billion that, because of wind’s low capacity factor,  produce as much power as fewer than two nuclear plants.
Are we witnessing another LOBA?  [ “Loss of Bulls**t  Accident” ]. This makes me think of the old bumper sticker:  “Solar’s  all right, but nukes do it all night.”

Wind is just another form of solar energy, and wind tends to fall off substantially at night.

As Bob Dylan once sang [ from a contrarians point of view]:  “The problem my friend is blowing in the wind.”  Ah, Schadenfreude [ ask Franz for an explanation, or google it]  --it’s an underrated human pleasure.

Stewart Farber

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