[ RadSafe ] A little radiation is good for mice

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A little rad might be good for some people too...  (of course the positive effect was ignored).
Risk Of Leukemia Greater In Chernobyl Cleanup Workers; Findings May Help Estimate Cancer Risk From Low-Dose Exposures Like CT Scans

Full paper is available here:
Radiation and the Risk of Chronic Lymphocytic and Other Leukemias among Chornobyl Cleanup Workers

   The ERR/Gy estimates for cases with direct interviews <2 years from start of chemotherapy 
   (ERR/Gy=-0.47) and the remaining cases (ERR/Gy=2.38) differed substantially (p=0.021), with 
   the former estimate incompatible with our current understanding of radiation-related leukemia risk.

They found 19 cases that appeared to be caused by radiation exposure with an excess relative risk per gray
of 2.38 and they found 20 cases that seemed to have a positive effect with an ERR/Gy of -0.47.
The 20 positive cases were the ones where they directly interviewed the subjects to get information for the 
exposure reconstruction).  They dismissed the positive cases because they figured that their recollections 
were not accurate because they were in the first 2 years of treatment and thus might have some mental confusion.


Cary Renquist
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The following is a link to an article that will no doubt be of great interest to 
many on this mailing list.  Please see:

A little radiation is good for mice 
Low doses of radioactivity led to healthier pups
By Tina Hesman Saey 
Web edition: November 6, 2012 
 Roy Herren 

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