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JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Wed Oct 24 23:32:57 CDT 2012

Hey Radsafe:
     Hope you all are well.
     Guess Alzheimers Disease is probably now treated  with HCl or similar 
     Perhaps in the future, we will be able to  introduduce mini-robots 
into a brain to chip away at
clogging brain plaques.  Perhaps small vacuum and/or pressure tubes  could 
be periodically
introduced into the brain of Advanced Alzheimers patients to remove plaque  
fluids before they fully
harden and blood circulation is fully stopped.  Sound like a tough  
surgery, but physicians are doing
wonderful things micro-surgically these days.  Guess I wouldn't be  much of 
a surgeon with my shaky
hands.  Oh well.  What might have been???
     I wonder if a Mexican/Caribbean Medical School  would accept a former 
Health Physics Society
President, even if he were older, to study medicine???  Good Luck,  KN!!!!
     Perhaps HCl compounds should be given to  Alzheimers Patients, in 
unison with periodic
esoteric (non-standard) dialysis treatments to remove plaques from the  
brain and/or bloodstream. 
     OFF TOPIC, of course.
     Want to get some real radiation-dose, for its  positive??? health 
benefits, go play on top of the
Alternating Gradient Synchrotron (AGS) concrete shielding while it is  
running.  Or perhaps try to even
get near one of the RHIC (Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider) collision/beam  
intersection zones
while BNL is running 200 GeV on 200 GeV (proton-proton, gold on gold,  
Uranium on Uranium,etc)
beam collisions.  You'd probably have to bypass/defeat a few safety  
     I was on the job at one facility I did some work  at way back when, 
talking with a few technicians.
The facility was in operation at the time.  One technician worked  there on 
a regular basis.  I won't tell
you about his health history.  Anyway while we were talking, I turned  on 
my Andersson-Braun, 
Snoopy, Remball or whatever neutron detector I had, and the levels during  
operation were
10 mrem/hour or more, while we were sitting there and talking.  I  smiled 
at the technicians, and suggested
we move to another location to talk.  A few weeks later I was making  MCNP 
(Monte Carlo Neutral
Particle Program) and other shielding calculations to re-design the  
radiation shielding for this 
facility.  50 years of the Radiation Shielding Information Center at  Oak 
Ridge National Lab --- Thank
You, RSICC!!!!!
     Want more dose daily --- go hang out on the  Thorium Beach Sands in 
South Carolina and elsewhere.
     Take Care...   Joe Preisig
PS  Let's Be Careful Out There!!!!

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