[ RadSafe ] Nuclear Plants converted to gas fired units

Stewart Farber safarber at optonline.net
Thu Oct 25 17:22:11 CDT 2012

Hello all,
There was a radsafe thread asking which nuclear plants had been 
decommissioned and converted to alternate fossil fuel generation.  A new 
report that LIPA [Long Island Power Authority] is considering converting the 
former Shoreham nuclear power plant to a gas fired unit has just hit the 
news. These new gas fired plants will raise overall rates for the NY 
ratepayers. See the link and text summary below.

For those who don't know the history of Shoreham, it began as a sister BWR 
plant to Vermont Yankee in about 1967. VY was completed, on scheduled and 
began operation in 1972 at a construction cost of about $200 Million to my 
recollection. Because of politics of NY State, Shoreham was delayed in its 
construction and licensing until the mid-1980s, received its NRC operating 
license for 5% testing in 1985. It operated for only a few weeks and then 
the plant was forced to shut down under pressure from the State of NY. The 
construction cost was $6 billion vs. VY at  1/30 the cost. Shoreham was then 
decommissioned after a few weeks of operation,  at a cost of many $ billions 
borne by all ratepayers in LI after being allowed to generate a trivial 
amount of electricity.

Because of political fear-mongering,  Long Islanders now can enjoy among the 
highest electric rates in the US.  In contrast, VY has been dependably 
operating since 1972, generating about 75% of the total electricity consumed 
in VT at a ever more trivial cost/kw vs. alternatives [other than hydro]. 
Because of the VY nuclear plant, VT can boast  of being not just "The Green 
Mountain State" but the "greenest" of all states in the US releasing the 
lowest amount of greenhouse gases in power generation of any state in the 

Of course the VT Governor and many groups in VT have been trying to force 
the shutdown VY for many years and are opposing a new operating license. 
Napoleon once said "“In politics stupidity is not a handicap.”  --

To modify slightly:
"In anti-nuclear activism, stupidity is not a handicap."

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LIPA board gives go-ahead to pursue power plant site

(10/25/12) WOODBURY - LIPA is making moves to create more energy, but it 
could raise Long Islanders' electric bills.

The utility's board today gave the go-ahead to pursue two sites in Suffolk 
for a future power plant. While the plant would produce enough energy for 
thousands of Long Island homes, it could end up boosting rates 2.5 percent.

LIPA officials are considering an existing power plant in Yaphank and the 
former Shoreham nuclear power plant.

The new power plant would be fueled by natural gas.

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