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To me this article was rather disappointing. There is no reference as to 
who created it first and where.
Wikipedia's article on uranium glass is more explicit and in my view 
more interesting.
The uranium was in the early days extracted from the pitchblende (a 
mixture of U, Pb, Th and long living fission product oxides) . The name 
derives from the German Pechblende (dazzling, deceiving pitch): some say 
the name pitch was chosen because it is black as pitch, another story 
says that in the mines of Bohemia (now Czech Republic)  at St. 
Joachimsthal (today Jáchymov) there were mostly silver mines. When 
digging out minerals some looked similar to the ones containing silver. 
When they found out it did not contain silver, but in our case uranium, 
they would say "Pech gehabt" or "we were unlucky"; indeed it dazzled and 
deceived them. Which one is true? You have a free choice. Now the 
American currency Dollar gets its name from the Joachimsthaler (silver) 
, shortened to Thaler and with a Southerner's accent it became Dollar.

Except for some rare examples, its radioactivity it is much lower than 
the one of your own (or your partner's) body.

You can recognize uranium glass without use of ultraviolet light: look 
at the rim, it is beautifully fluorescent !

Enrico Sartori

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> Thank you for this article about uranium glass -- I found new,
> interesting information and really enjoyed it.
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> Maury&Dog
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