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The next to last paragraph in the Preface on Page II,  (lines 71-83) 
is incorrect and
misleading because it assumes the faulty linear model of cancer 
induction risk.

See Otto G. Raabe: "Toward Improving Ionizing Radiation Safety Standards",
Health Physics 101:84-93; 2011, and "Ionizing Radiation Carcinogenesis" 2012,
open access online book chapter by Otto G. Raabe.  (E-mail me if you want
copies: ograabe at ucdavis.edu)

Small instantaneous doses of ionizing radiation may follow the linear 
promotion model
of the Atomic Bomb Survivor Studies, but that risk is extremely tiny, 
and only applies to the exposure of an organ at risk from some 
on-going biological
process that leads to cancer such as the irradiation of the lungs of a smoker.

Among the Atomic Bomb Survivors who received an instantaneous dose of 1 Sv,
five-year-old children who where not already smokers did not have a lifetime
increase in lung cancer while adult men who were likely smokers did.

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