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  I've never seen the name SA-11 from Eberline. The only instrument that I have experience that is near that number is the SAM-II, or Specialized Assay Meter - 2, when you realize that the II is actually a Roman numeral 2.

This is a dual channel instrument, capable of background subtraction, whose primary intent was for Uranium enrichment analysis. It was also used for Iodine-131 measurement using an Americium doped sodium iodide detector. You will need more information to determine if this is the case.

The 2 instruments I used were both manufactured in the mid-1970s. One died about 10 years ago, and the other broke about two years ago. The meters are very obsolete.

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Just received a request for information on an Eberline SA-11.  I couldn't find a description of this one.  Does anybody have an old catalog description of this sample chamber/detector assembly that they could email to me?
Thnx in advance   - -jmr 

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John Rich


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