[ RadSafe ] Flawed Test Questions.....Calling all teachers/profs

Clayton J Bradt CJB01 at health.state.ny.us
Tue Apr 9 13:16:17 CDT 2013


The questions are not well worded but it's pretty clear what the best 
answer is in each case: b) and c), respectively. The problem is that 
you're putting more thought into these questions than the author did. 
Third-party tests, i.e. written by someone other than your classroom 
teacher, are always problematic because the author has no idea how the 
material has been presented, what discussions were had, what examples 
given, etc. That's why taking practice exams is important. They get you 
used to being asked familiar material in unfamiliar ways. 

Good luck on the AP Exam!

Clayton Bradt
(former physics teacher) 

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