[ RadSafe ] [Radsafe] A new unit for radiation measurements

Nick Tsurikov nick.tsurikov at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 22:42:46 CDT 2013

Dear friends and colleagues,
It is not too often that I find radiation protection and other official
government documents humorous, in fact we don't have much of it in our
I thought that it will be interesting for many people to discover that
(most likely due to  some king of typographical error) the new radiation
measurement unit has been introduced in Western Australia, called
You can see/download the document 'Uranium in Western Australia; from the
website of our Department of Mines and Petroleum, here:
On page 40 (the last one) in 'U Facts' box on the bottom it says:
"...evacuees from Chernobyl averaged 500 milliGuys of exposure to the
thyroid, all 1080 evacuees screened for thyroid exposure in Fukushima had
been exposed to less than 100 milliGuys per person."
I wonder...  This present some funny pictures in my head...  I am also
curious what KiloGuys or MegaGuys will look like and if one can see
microGuys and nanoGuys under a microscope...
Greetings from Western Australia
Nick Tsurikov

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