[ RadSafe ] (not international) stop using linear no-threshold (LNT) model in EPA regulations recognizing hormetic or threshold response at low doses

Helmut Wabnig hwabnig at aon.at
Tue Apr 23 12:24:18 CDT 2013

On Tue, 23 Apr 2013 10:05:38 -0700, you wrote:

>Interesting Whitehouse.gov Petition...
>we petition the obama administration to:
>stop using linear no-threshold (LNT) model in EPA regulations
>recognizing hormetic or threshold response at low doses
>The use of the linear no-threshold (LNT) model for radiation safety has
>resulted in huge expenses to keep doses low, with no observable benefit
>to health. On the other hand, the ensuing fear of radiation has
>prevented the human study of beneficial effects of low dose radiation
>that have been observed in animal studies, e.g. for prevention of
>cancer, neuro-degenerative diseases, etc. for which there is presently
>no method of prevention. The fear of radiation has also resulted in
>deaths to hundreds of evacuees in Fukushima from the emotional stress to
>avoid unmeasureable harm from radiation. Overview of low dose response
>for toxic agents has overwhelmingly shown a hormetic or threshold
>response, rather than LNT. Need to bring EPA regulations in compliance
>with scientific observations.
>Created: Apr 12, 2013
>Issues: Environment, Health Care, Science and Space Policy
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>Signatures needed by May 12, 2013 to reach goal of 100,000
>Total signatures on this petition

I will never sign such a horrid petition!
You are paving the way for reckless misuse of regulation tolerances.
When you believe in the positive health effects of nuclear waste,
why don't you offer your place as nuclear waste deposit storage.
Fill your swimming pool and your living room with it.

You must understand that you are helping those
who don't care for anyone's life quality.


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