[ RadSafe ] (not international) stop using linear no-threshold (LNT) model

Helmut Wabnig hwabnig at aon.at
Wed Apr 24 12:35:19 CDT 2013

On Wed, 24 Apr 2013 10:20:53 -0700, you wrote:

>>April 24, 2013
>The LNT model is devoid of merit. I explained the science that proves this fact
>in my Health Physics Forum Article "Toward Improved Ionizing Radiation
>Safety Standards, Health Physics 101: 84-93; 2011.
>If you want a copy send a request to ograabe at ucdavis.edu
>The EPA standards are ridiculously low due to their application of' the faulty
>LNT hypothesis leading to the unnecessary expenditure of billions of dollars
>moving virtually clean dirt and refuse to expensive waste disposal facilities.
>This petition does not suggest eliminating radiation safety standards
>but rather switching to scientifically sound standards.

Censorship is heavy on this forum.
Nevertheless I try to explain what will happen next:
(once the LNT is toppled)

The nuclear industry will be happy to raise the pollution levels
to the maximum allowed extent, always bragging about the latest
scientific discoveries. They will joyously pick up the argument
how increased radiation levels benefit your health.
Once the barrier is broken, there will be no rationale left
preventing inflationary raising of allowed contamination levels.

LNT was adopted not for scientific reasons, but for political reasons.
When the nuclear industry can no longer follow LNT methods
because they already poisoned half of planet EARTH,
then there is only one logical step left: 


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