[ RadSafe ] No evidence for residual genomic damage in radiosensitive mice exposed to low-dose radiation

Scott, Bobby BScott at lrri.org
Thu Apr 25 17:12:17 CDT 2013

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I thought this may be of interest to some of you. A new study (Rithidech
et al. 2013) found no evidence for residual genomic damage (genomic
instability) in bone marrow of highly-radiosensitive mice after low dose
(50 mGy) gamma-ray exposure.  Similar results were obtained by the group
in earlier research using more radioresistant mouse strains. The
research findings clearly do not support the linear-no-threshold
hypothesis as it relates to radiation-induced cancer. This is because
induced genomic instability (which occurs after moderate and high
radiation doses) is known to be a key factor in the occurrence of
radiation-induced cancer. The research was jointly supported by the DOE
Office of Science (BER) and NASA in the United States.


Rithidech KN, Udomtanakunchai C, Honikel L, and Whorton E. Lack of
genomic instability in bone marrow cells of SCID mice exposed whole-body
to low-dose radiation. International Journal of Environmental Research
and Public Health 2013, 10, 1356-1377;doi:10.3390/ijerph10041356.



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B. R. Scott

Senior Scientist

Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute

2425 Ridgecrest Drive SE

Albuquerque, NM 87108 USA



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