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Andrea Jennetta andrea at fuelcycleweek.com
Tue Apr 23 10:55:07 CDT 2013

A list serve member suggested I reach out to health physics professionals to let you all know that there is a petition on the White House (US) website asking to stop the wasteful practice of using LNT as the basis for illogical regulations. As a short-hand, I call it the "LNT Sucks" petition.


Now some of you will no doubt be offended by that term. But for those of you who actively work in the nuclear energy industry and see nuclear energy as the best energy option going, I think you already know that after 60+ years of experience there is a growing body of empirical evidence that shows it is time for LNT to go. Alternately it seems that if LNT is ok for nuclear energy and other nuclear applications then it should be applied to other industries, like the airline industry, for example.

I hope you will consider signing it. For those non-US citizens, go ahead and sign it, too. If we get to 150 signatures the petition will be featured in the open petition list. And that's when it will be visible and easily searchable.

Thank you for your consideration.


Andrea Jennetta
Publisher, FCW
andrea at fuelcycleweek.com

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