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JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Thu Aug 1 02:13:59 CDT 2013

Dear Radsafe,
     The Ancient Alien and UFO shows on TV discuss the  Flying 
Saucers/UFO's the Germans had in World War II.  That's quite a while  ago.  The two they 
discuss are the Glocke (Bell Shaped) and a Flying Saucer  craft called the 
Hannebu.  According to these shows, the Hannebu was 25 to  30 meters in 
diameter and had a crew of eight.  Sounds like a mothership  observed in UFO 
sightings.  Wonder if a Hannebu is parked in a Hangar in  Argentina???
    One of the propulsion systems (non-fission, non-fusion)  is described 
in one of these shows and a schematic diagram is displayed.   The propulsion 
system resembles a jet, but with a cross-sectional area
that diminishes towards the output end of the jet.  The air for the  jet is 
driven towards the back end of the jet using a jet blade system.   Such a 
system could probably provide some pretty good lift for a Glocke or  Hannebu. 
 Bell shaped Flying Saucers have been observed by UFO observers  also.
    I expect remote control hobbyists could build a Glocke  or Hannebu 
model quite easily.  Maybe General Motors or Ford Motors should  offer some such 
flying UFO models for people who could afford such a  vehicle.  I expect 
fission and/or fusion energy/power systems could  contribute favorably to the 
propulsion system of a Glocke or Hannebu.
    Have a good week.
    Joe Preisig

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