[ RadSafe ] Stolen cobalt-60 found in Mexico; curious thieves likely doomed

Harrison - CDPHE, Tony tony.harrison at state.co.us
Thu Dec 5 10:30:30 CST 2013

MEXICO CITY — The carjackers who set off international alarm bells by
absconding with a truckload of highly radioactive material most likely had
no idea what they were stealing and will probably die soon from exposure,
Mexican authorities said at the end of a brief national scare...

The cobalt-60 was found, removed from its casing, in a rural area near the
town of Hueypoxtla about 25 miles from where the truck was stolen. Jimenez
suspected that curiosity got the better of the thieves and they opened the
box. So far the carjackers have not been arrested, but authorities expect
they will not live long.


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