[ RadSafe ] Stolen cobalt-60 found in Mexico; curious thi...

Dimiter Popoff didi at tgi-sci.com
Fri Dec 6 15:05:14 CST 2013


my non-native English ear seems to also have a hard time telling
which term is ... ehm, better.
I think my stomach reacts perhaps a little more to your, more
mmm... official? term though, something in my brain must be
misbehaving (no, I was nowhere near that source, did not
get any dose to put blame it on....).

I always knew it could get really interesting on our list :D :D .

Dimiter (sorry, was hard to resist, I seem to be in a gigglish mode).

Dimiter Popoff, TGI             http://www.tgi-sci.com

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>You could call it "vomitus", but I don't know that it sounds any
>better than your term.
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>From:  <JPreisig at aol.com>
>Date: Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 12:48 PM
>Subject: Re: [ RadSafe ] [EXTERNAL] Re:  Stolen cobalt-60 found in Mexico
>Was puke found in the vicinity of the exposed  source???  (Sorry, I couldn't
>think of a nice word for puke...).
>Joe Preisig

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