[ RadSafe ] New study links nuclear sites to cancer Busby's latest discovery

parthasarathy k s ksparth at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Dec 8 19:38:43 CST 2013


Dr Busby's latest discovery of multiple myeloma near a nuclear installation is getting press coverage.A member of the European Parliament is supporting Busby.The news item can be accessed at:


You may recall that it is the discovery of a cancer cluster by a TV crew which led to the formation of COMARE in UK.Such a news story may easily skew the public perception.May be one has to live with this sort of annoying development.

Political support for self appointed "experts" is equally worrying. It is naive to accept that the two groups are selfless souls yearning to save public from radiation.They have individual agenda.But when they are in collusion the damage is much more severe!


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