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Now, someone has testifed before City of Berkeley City Council, the Bay
Area is hotbed of the anti-nukes.  I have not yet watched this, was trying
the challenging Google 100 year crossword.

Roger Helbig

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   Christina MacPherson posted: "Experts: Fukushima is “increasingly
critical due to decay of buildings… reactor blocks are sinking… alarming
cracks in foundation” — “It was built very poorly, Japan cannot deal with
problem alone… it’s a big problem” (VIDEO)
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<http://nuclear-news.net/author/christinamacpherson/>  Critical situation
of the decaying Fukushima nuclear
Christina MacPherson <http://nuclear-news.net/author/christinamacpherson/>

*[image: Fukushima-reactor-6]
Fukushima is “increasingly critical due to decay of buildings… reactor
blocks are sinking… alarming cracks in foundation” — “It was built very
poorly, Japan cannot deal with problem alone… it’s a big problem”
(VIDEO) http://enenews.com/experts-fukushima-is-increasingly-critical-due-to-decay-of-buildings-reactor-blocks-are-sinking-alarming-cracks-in-foundation-it-was-built-very-poorly-japan-cannot-deal-with-problem-a

City of Berkeley City Council
17, 2013 (at 2:25:00 in): Good evening, as many of you know I spent 13
years in the nuclear engineering department at Cal.  So I’m very familiar
with the construction […] The reactor was designed poorly and also the way
it was built was very poor and Japan cannot deal with the problem alone.
[…] The biggest part of the story is Japan by itself is not capable to fix
the problem. We need to get the United Nations, the United States, all the
countries — It is a big problem. [...]
Article in the German economics paper ‘Deutsche Wirtschafts
Oct. 9, 2013translated by
– German physicist: “The probability that the rescue succeeds goes to zero”
[...] The German physicist Sebastian
of the German Society for Radiological Protection] is extremely pessimistic
that an elementary Fukushima disaster can be averted. The consequences
would be felt over the entire northern hemisphere. [...] Pflugbeil explains
the situation in Fukushima: “The situation is becoming increasingly
critical due to the decay of the buildings. The fuel rods have not been
brought to safety. The reactor blocks are sinking. The ground on which the
reactor sits can no longer bear any weight…It is floating. There has been
such dramatic shifts that there are 1 meter height differences between one
corner to the other which have caused massive cracks in the building
structure resulting in alarming cracks in the building foundation and
soundness.” [...] It requires only a small earthquake or a storm surge or
simply the failure of building structures to set this disaster in motion.”
[...]  *Watch speaker at the meeting here (starts at 2:25:00
  *Christina MacPherson
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