[ RadSafe ] N. Korea Nuclear test

JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Wed Feb 13 17:03:13 CST 2013

Dear Radsafe,
     If the North Koreans are getting very proficient  in Uranium and/or 
Plutonium enrichment, then it is time to start worrying about  their ability 
to put a nuclear device on a cruise missile and/or a rocket  launched
from a submarine or destroyer or whatever.  This no longer becomes a  west 
coast USA/ICBM
problem.  The east coast of the USA and/or gulf coast would also  become 
potential targets to nuclear
attack (also a global problem).  Hope Team USA is on its toes.
    I also hope any cargo shipments from North Korea into  the USA are 
receiving extra scrutiny.
    According to TV News reports, Mainland China is having  discussions 
with North Korea about their
Nuclear testing.
    Anybody see any radiation readings on their detectors  from this below 
ground nuclear test???
    Regards,  Joe Preisig

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