[ RadSafe ] Micrometer-level naked-eye detection of caesium

BRONSON Frazier (CANBERRA) frazier.bronson at canberra.com
Fri Feb 8 15:15:16 CST 2013

		Cary - I think your calculations are indeed off - my
quick calculations here on a snow-day in the NorthEast show that 1ppm
amounts to 3 E9 Bq/gram !!  
		It seems that they have discovered a form of liquid
scintillation counting.  

		Some flaws in their assumptions however.  Most all
compounds of Cs are soluble, so unlikely to still exist in soil as
hot-spots, after 2 rainy seasons there.  It will be spread out over
larger regions, which will then kill their spatial resolution claim too.
That issue also harms other imaging devices - they are good at abrupt
changes in radiation level, but not a uniform distributions.  

		While not really useful for the things they claim [to
pluck the offending particles of Cs from the soil thus rendering it
clean] and that they were apparently funded for, it might be an way to
enhance sensitivity or reduce exposure time for projects where
autoradiography looking for Cs is used.  

Frazier Bronson  

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