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Wed Jan 2 11:57:45 CST 2013

Dear Radsafe,
     Hey all.  OT... You may want to google the  name:   montalcini    .
     Rita Levi-Montalcini was a Nobel Prize winning  bioscientist, who 
recently passed on at Age 103.
I wasn't really aware of her work.  Apparently she was an innovator in  the 
understanding of
Nerve Growth Factor and/or Nerve Growth Factors.  Pretty neat  stuff.
     A young HP student may want get of some of  her scientific papers and 
read them.  Without 
knowing much about her, it appears likely that her work will point the way  
for cures of some
human diseases which have been hanging around, without a cure, for quite  
some time.
I'm not going to name all the diseases involved --- you'll have to figure  
them out yourself
Perhaps with a bit of effort today, we can have a cure for some of these  
diseases by
Dinnertime???  I guess that's a bit optimistic....Lab Confirmation of  any 
theoretical educated guesses
for any cure for these diseases will probably take a decade...
    The one disease which might be impacted by NGF that I  will discuss is 
Alzheimers.  Clearly as plaques
congest the brain, blood flow to the brain will be  restricted/limited.  
The amount of Oxygen reaching
the brain, in such a case, might be limited also.  Such brain clogging  
(without treatment using HCL or
related chemicals) may also restrict delivery of NGF (a protein???) to the  
brain.  Thus brain
clogging by plaques or whatever will produce a double whammy  effect --- 
possible loss of Oxygen and/or
NGF.  The brain will start to die under these conditions.   Eventually the 
patient will lose his motor
controls and other systems which allow him to live.  End of  Story.  
    Loss of NGF's may also cause the deterioration of  muscles after nerve 
damage.  There may be
environmental or hereditary factors which cause NGF's  to not reach their 
designed destinations.  This all
could happen anywhere in the body???  Blood supply system failure(s)  in 
parts of the body may also be involved.  I'd go on further, but  NAAAHHHH, not 
right now.  I've shared too much already.
    Have a good week.   Regards,  Joe  Preisig
PS  Iran apparently is developing missile launch capability from  ships.  
Time for each European
      Country to buy its own set of Patriot Etc.  Defense Missiles???

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