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I agree with the argument about African nations, plenty of sunlight
But for places with a harsh winter (like where I am) and a summer
lasting just 3-4 months they should be accessible. Well, until they
get that far we'll stick to in-yard steam-engines, I suppose :-).


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>While I am a fan of modular reactors for a number of applications, I am
>not at all in favor of providing them to most African nations.  High
>tech, capital intensive, centralized power is not appropriate for most
>of the continent.  
>Although Africa has a wide range of environments, much of it receives a
>lot of sunlight.  Solar-thermal and small-scale photovoltaic would be
>more useful to the populace, and less vulnerable to disruption than
>centralized power systems.  
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>Small scale power source diversity certainly looks attractive,
>especially if one has postcatastrophic nightmares. Which most of us
>probably have - for example, I did not think I had any but recently I
>began considering - almost seriously - the idea for autonomous power for
>a small house. Not that we have many blackouts or something....
>I was (I suppose I still am) thinking of a steam engine, something like
>10-20kW. Would burn anything, not too noisy.
>One thought lead to another so here is a question:
>Would it be feasible to boil the water for it using some plutonium (or
>whatever) thing, sort of like those used with Peltier conversion on
>(I am really illiterate on that, I just know how to measure spectra when
>it comes to "radiation"). Now clearly nobody would let me have my
>plutonium thingie in my yard, that much I do know :-).
>So until the catastrophy takes effect I will run the steam engine on
>wood, cole, oil... after that we'll see :D .
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>>Hi all,
>>Just curious: have they built one of these modular reactors yet? Even 
>>as a = prototype? That would make some interesting reading.
>>Mattias Olsson
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>>NuScale makes these babies. I'd love to see them dotted all over rural 
>>area= s.
>>Regards, Jim Darrough

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