[ RadSafe ] LNT and Radiation-caused deaths

Johansen, Kjell Kjell.Johansen at nexteraenergy.com
Wed Jul 3 14:42:12 CDT 2013

Mohan Doss recently commented on the LNT fallacy and its continued use.  His comments remind me of a statement made some time ago: "For every difficult question there is a simple answer, which is wrong."   People like simple answers because it reduces the time it takes to think about them.  In the day before we knew as much as we know now it served a purpose.  But its continued use is not warranted by today's science.  Perhaps LNT is Occam's razor for those who only skim the surface of a problem.  I once was told in a management class that you could make a decision based only on having 80% of the facts.  I always wondered as to when you were sure that you had 80% of the facts.  LNT is something like that.  You only pay attention to the facts sufficient to support your argument.  I think they call these people politicians.

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