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I thought everyone was aware that astronomers found that the moon orbit 
changes very slowly -- it is moving away from the earth about 2 inches 
per year.  Some folks did a reverse calculation; by reducing the orbit 
altitude 2 inches per year they found that when the moon was orbiting 
the earth at about 40 ft., it struck and killed the dinosaurs -- 
especially the taller ones that didn't learn to duck fast enough.  This, 
not radioactivity, is what led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.
Cheers,   [sorry I can cite no references]
Maury&Dog [MaurySiskel maurysis at peoplepc.com0

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> Joel,
>       No, there was no article.  Just my  observations from what I saw on TV.
>       A road trip to the LaBrea tar pits would be  possible for you????
>       Take Care.    Joe Preisig
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> Post the  URL for that article you were reading so that we can ALL  laugh
> Joe...
> Joel Baumbaugh
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> Dear Radsafe,
> Hope you are well.   According to television  (Ancient Aliens show)
> Dinosaur bones are  quite radioactive
> (Calcium, K-40, Radon, what else???).  Anybody ever  count any???

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