[ RadSafe ] Geiger Counter revisited

Jim Darrough darrougj at onid.orst.edu
Mon Jul 15 17:19:21 CDT 2013

My apologies for neglecting to read the rule about posting pictures. Mine
are too large in any case, so here is the information about the device for
which I want the schematic and/or service/user manuals.

On the side:  “OREMASTER Super Geiger Counters, Mfd. By White’s Electronics,
1218 M. Street, Sweet Home, Oregon”

The meter face has the same manufacturer information and has three scales, 0
– 20, 0 – 2 and 0 to 0.2 MILLIROENTGENS PER HOUR with appropriate switching.

It supposedly takes 22 ½ volt batteries and the GM Tube seems to be missing.

Anyone have any information about this antique? 

Thanks, Jim Darrough

James E. Darrough
Health Physicist
Oregon State University Radiation Center
100 Radiation Center
Corvallis, OR 97331-5903

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