[ RadSafe ] floating N-plants for remote electricity and desalination

Peter Miller z3ix at kamprint.com
Wed Jul 17 16:02:38 CDT 2013


The U.S. and Russian navies have long used nuclear-powered submarines, aircraft
carriers, and icebreakers. But a new kind of nuclear power is coming. Russia's
Akademik Lomonosov, currently under construction, will be a floating power plant
with two 35-megawatt generators designed to supply power to hard-to-reach Arctic
communities straight from the ship.

After years of delay, the Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation says it plans
to build this first ship by 2016 and to ramp up to four to six in the near
future to power up remote cities and industrial areas cut off from the regular
power grid.

Rosatom spokesperson Denis Perkin says the new ship—which is not self-propelled
and must be towed to a semipermanent pier site—can offer electric power and heat
supply, simultaneously offering a desalination plant run by the reactor's excess
heat, producing "both electric power and high-quality fresh water."...

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