[ RadSafe ] NAMP: Rapid Bioassay Webinar

Cary Renquist cary.renquist at ezag.com
Tue Jul 30 18:36:42 CDT 2013

Event: Bioassay
Description: This webinar will provide an understanding of the rapid
bioassay methods used for public health emergency response in case of a
radiological or nuclear incident as it would be applied to the Public
Health laboratory response component. This lecture will describe the
laboratory requirements for implementing bioassay methods to provide
analytical results for the NCRP 161 medical care guidance using the new
Clinical Decision Guide (CDG) that covers the whole population versus
the more restrictive Annual Limit of Intake Guidance (workers only). The
overall rapid bioassay schema, sampling limitations, throughput
requirements, data quality objectives and specific rapid bioassay
methods will be discussed.
Host: Berta Oates
When: Thursday 22 August 2013, 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Time Zone: (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US and Canada)

To register for this event, please go the following link:

Cary Renquist
crenquist at isotopeproducts.com or cary.renquist at ezag.com

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